ABC Radio | Melbourne: Interview with Jenny Lambert & Scott Ratzan

Jenny Lambert, Acting CEO ACCI, and Scott Ratzan, Executive Director of Business Partners to CONVINCE (BP2C), interviewed by Ali Moore, ABC Radio Melbourne ‘Mornings’ Program.

Ratzan discussed vaccine hesitancy and noted BP2C’s Global COVID-19 Workplace Challenge, which gives multinational corporations and smaller businesses specific and practical guidance and communications tools that can be used both globally and locally by employers. Ratzan also discussed the importance of challenging misinformation and advocating for vaccine confidence.

He emphasized: “Employers, as members of society and communities, can partner and should partner, with communities, schools, faith-based organizations, and local leaders to help get the message out in order to protect all of us.”

Lambert discussed why ACCI became involved in BP2C, noting the critical role of business and the need for government to work with the business community to overcome the pandemic. She notes that through CONVINCE, “we encourage employers to encourage their employees to get vaccinated and certainly, we need to do that in line with government health guidelines because employers are not health advisors. They need to take that advice and encourage their employees to do it.  To take the next step for employers to actually arrange vaccination programs like they do for the flu, within their own businesses, requires a range of important steps both in terms of indemnity as you’ve mentioned, but also logistics.”

Full transcript of Lambert’s interview can be found here.