Barbados Employers’ Confederation Event on Workforce Trends

The Barbados Employers Confederation hosted an event on November 9 on “Workforce Trends: The Evolving Labour Landscape Symposium.” BP2C’s Jen Faucon spoke at the event as a panelist.

The Barbados Employers Federation also issued a COVID-19 Employer Toolkit to assist employers during this uncertain time. According to BEC, the challenges facing employers during the COVID-19 crisis are growing. Each day presents decisions about working remotely, evaluating potential workplace hazards, responding to employee concerns and maintaining business operations.

The toolkit includes information on the following:

  1. Business Continuity Best Practices- COVID-19
  2. Lay-off and Short Time Procedures
  3. Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace
  4. National Preparedness Stages
  5. Pandemic Business Continuity Checklist
  6. Sample COVID-19 Policy
  7. Social Distancing Options for High Traffic Businesses
  8. Social Distancing Options for the Beauty Industry
  9. National Curfew and Shutdown – BEC Guidance
  10. ILO Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 at Work – Action Checklist
  11. Suggested Guidance for Addressing the Risk for Severe COVID-19 in relation to Work in Barbados
  12. Guidance for Workplaces with Positive COVID-19 Cases