19toZero “Informed Choice Misinformation Session”

Canada-based 19toZero, a partner of BP2C, hosted an “Informed Choice Misinformation Session” with the World Health Organization in March to discuss strategies for building vaccine confidence and addressing misinformation online.

The presentation from the session can be accessed here.

The toolkit for countering misinformation can be accessed here.

The Informed Choice project aims to prevent misinformation at the source and provide support, training, and tools to ensure privacy and safety online.

About 19toZero: Canada’s largest multi sector coalition addressing vaccine gaps, 19 To Zero is a non-profit coalition of public health experts, pharmaceutical companies, community organizations, and others working to understand and promote vaccination and other key health behaviors through research, engagement, education, and intervention.

BP2C held an Information Session with 19toZero in February with 19toZero’s Dr. Jia Hu. Information from that event, titled, “Communication Strategies for Building Vaccine Confidence with Employees” can be accessed on our website here.