American Staffing Association (ASA): Vaccine Literacy Resources for Staffing Firms

The American Staffing Association (ASA) is committed to helping the staffing industry respond to Covid-19 by helping to engage and educate workers with messages that encourage acceptance of Covid-19 vaccines and advance vaccine literacy. ASA has partnered with Health Action Alliance and Business Partners 2 CONVINCE to share free tools and resources that will help us all contribute to strengthening public health and get Safely Back to Work.


Sample CEO Email to Employees about Covid-19 Vaccines

A draft email for CEOs to send to employees, sharing what your company is doing to protect their health and offering trusted information about Covid-19 vaccines.


Conversation Guide for Managers: Talking with Employees about Covid-19 Vaccines

This guide is intended to help managers in your organization have productive conversations with employees and workers about COVID-19 vaccines.