BP2C Fireside Chat: Global Pandemic Response & Business Recovery. Where Do We Go From Here?

Business Partners to CONVINCE (BP2C) hosted a virtual fireside chat with Lawrence O. Gostin, Professor of Global Health Law for Georgetown University, Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Global Health Law, and Author of “Global Health Security: A Blueprint for the Future.” BP2C Executive Director Dr. Scott Ratzan moderated this discussion on June 9.

During the one-hour discussion, Ratzan and Gostin addressed key challenges for government, business and organizational leaders related to health equity, global health, COVID-19, and future response strategies for pandemics. Topics included:

  • What are the major challenges faced today with Global Health Security?
  • When will we have an “end game” for COVID?
  • What measures are required to contain a future pandemic?
  • What can be done to advance health equity?
  • What can we do to build trust in with our global system, health authorities and science?

Watch the full dialogue here: