HAA: Preparing for What’s Next

As debate swirls over whether the COVID-19 pandemic is “over,” the more important question employers should be asking is: What are we doing now to prepare for what’s next?

After all, COVID-19 won’t be the last major health threat we encounter. So, just as we would do after other types of crises, we need to take stock of what we’ve learned from this one to be ready for what’s to come.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that the health of a business and its people extends well beyond the walls of the workplace. During a public health emergency, poor community health conditions make people more vulnerable to serious illness and death — with devastating effects on business.

At HAA’s Pandemic Preparedness Summit last week, leaders from Bank of America, the Walt Disney Company, the White House and more shared practical advice and lessons learned to help you strengthen workplace and community health in advance of the next emergency.

This direct link between community health and the health of your business became very clear during COVID-19, and it will be the case going forward. Companies with workforces who live, play and pray in healthier communities will fare better when the next pandemic strikes. So, businesses would be well served to invest not just in their own teams and workplaces, but also in the communities where they operate.

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HAA also released an employer toolkit to help boost your company’s health into 2023.