National Business Compact on Coronavirus Calls on BP2C Stakeholders to Support Ebola Virus Disease Rapid Response in Uganda

Given the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda, the National Business Compact on Coronavirus (NBCC) is now rapidly establishing a new arm to focus on coordinating swift action across sectors to prevent this outbreak becoming a crisis. NBCC is urgently calling upon the private sector to support it in this mission.

NBCC is a multi-stakeholder platform established at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Its mission is to rapidly mobilise on-the-ground and digital action to limit the spread of infections to protect lives and livelihoods across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In 2020-2021, the NBCC rapidly supported government efforts: it delivered key hygiene behaviour change communication (to 32 million people), provided WASH products to the most at-risk populations and engaged in capacity building and financing, including training over 10,000 healthcare workers and community volunteers.

In 2022, NBCC re-launched, in partnership with Amref Health Africa, in response to new Coronavirus variants. This time, operating in a very different context, NBCC’s aim is to drive sustained hygiene behaviour change, access to WASH facilities and strengthening of health systems, including the institutionalisation of hygiene in national health agendas. NBCC’s goal is to reach 75 million people with messaging in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania by April 2023.

NBCC’s Call to Action can be found here.

For further reading, please click here for an NBCC newsletter focusing on the ebola crisis in Uganda.