BP2C’s Scott Ratzan Speaks on CDC Podcast, Discusses Health Communication and Mentions USCIB Foundation Initiative

Scott Ratzan, executive director of Business Partners to CONVICE (BP2C), an initiative of The USCIB Foundation, was the first-ever featured guest on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) podcast series “Listen Up!“ This podcast series, which is primarily aimed at public health communicators, focuses on current topics with insights from academics, innovators, practitioners and others. 

During the episode “Insights from the Past, Preparing for the Future,” Ratzan discussed health communication, from its early beginnings to the future of the field. He highlighted the importance of re-globalization and affirmed that institutions must do better at incorporating the respected role of business and employers.

Ratzan also mentioned USCIB’s work in getting business involved in health and discussed several challenges facing global health today. 

Listen to the full episode here or read the transcript here.