The Daily Beast Op-ed: Biden’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate Is Legal, Moral, and Wise

The Daily Beast published an op-ed by BP2C Executive Director Dr. Scott Ratzan, as well as Lawrence O. Gostin and Kenneth H. Rabin on November 4 titled, “Biden’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate Is Legal, Moral, and Wise,” in which they write that the levels of divisiveness and rancor over vaccinations and mandates that we are seeing now are higher than ever, but that the law, ethics, and public health are all on Biden’s side. Read the full article below.

President Biden will put his war on COVID-19 and the reputation of his presidency on the line when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases a Temporary Emergency Standard requiring all large businesses to mandate vaccinations or regular testing among all their employees. The FDA also just authorized, and the CDC recommended, pediatric vaccines for children ages 5 to 11, triggering a massive push to vaccinate all school children.

Biden’s actions will expand the base of 190 million Americans who have already received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose by tens of millions of unvaccinated workers and 28 million grade school children. All told, this should bring us much closer towards the community protection levels needed to get control of the pandemic—and get everyone back to normal.

Biden’s mandates, however, could also rend our social fabric beyond mending. Vaccine and mandate opponents are taking to the streets and to the courts, claiming they are fighting for liberty, protecting our bodies against untested chemicals, preserving the sanctity of the family, and putting people ahead of scientific experimentation. Many refusals are in the name of freedom of religion, which plays an outsized role in our culture and Constitutional traditions. Today’s anti-vaccination movement has real money, organizational savvy, and a fair amount of star power behind it—even if it is dead wrong on the science and deeply destructive of the nation’s health and economic prosperity.